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The most popular Android cleaner is now available for Windows


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Clean Master, the famous Android cleaner, has a Windows version that lets you use the most popular feature of the program: getting rid of trash files that only take up space in your device.

As soon as you start the program, it automatically starts scanning the system and searching for elements that can be eliminated. After the detailed scanning is complete, you’ll get a list of elements that you can get rid of in order to enhance your PC’s performance. Just click on each one of the elements or select an entire category to get rid of them all. This process gives you the freedom of only getting rid of what you want to delete.

Once you implement the cleaner, you’ll see a graph that includes everything you’ve gotten rid of and the file it came from. This gives you a pretty good idea about where most of the files you don’t need are stored. The different categories it locates and eliminates are only the system and web cache’s, the trash of some of the programs and their registry keys as well as the trash that online games generate, the social software and audio and video programs.

Clean Master for PC is a fast and easy to use tool that doesn’t need a configuration process, just you deciding what stays and what goes. Also, this version is just as good as the Android version.
By Álvaro Toledo
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